OCTOBER VILLAGE welcomes you to the Grave Yard Sale!

We wanted to give spooky brands and vendors the opportunity to set up at a unique event designed exclusively for selling perfectly imperfect items˗ merch that's still useful but considered too flawed to sell at full retail price.  Now's your chance to sift through our damage bins and give these still-awesome pieces a second chance at life!

You can expect up to 60% off horror/Halloween-themed merch including bags, t-shirts, pins, stickers, collectibles, and so much more!



Saturday May 29th

Sunday May 30th



15541 Beach Blvd.

Westminster, CA 92683

* We're setting up in the old Maytag building next to Hotel 39. Look for the Blue awning.



We only have 10 spaces available. It's a small parking lot, so if there's nothing available you can check at the bar next door, which is closed down.

If there's nothing close to the venue, you are welcome to park at the Supermarket across the street.

Do not park at the Dental office next door.



FREE tickets are available through this website (see TICKETS on the navigation bar at the top).  Your tickets will be emailed to you or you can download them at checkout.  We will be scanning tickets at the door upon entry.

You will need to select your desired time. A new ticket group will be available every hour. Do not line up before your ticket time.

Your children also need a FREE ticket. 



You have the option to purchase VIP ACCESS tickets (while supplies last) through the ticketing page.

VIP tickets will grant you priority access to the event, meaning you will enter before any general admission ticketholders at the door. If there are multiple VIP ticketholders at the door, a VIP line will form, and all will be admitted before the General admission line.  VIP tickets do not guarantee you will enter the moment you arrive- We must still maintain a safe room capacity. 

You may arrive any time and use your VIP ticket, however, we recommend using it within the first few hours of the event to get the greatest benefit.

Children under 12 may enter with a VIP ticket holder, but will still require a FREE reservation.

 * No additional items come with the VIP ticket for this event.


Covid-19 Precautions:

*Face masks must be worn at  ALL TIMES!  This includes those who have been vaccinated.

Masks must cover your nose. This rule will be strictly enforced by our security team.

We will conduct a temperature check at the door. 

Please do not come to the event if you have experienced symptoms of Covid-19 in the last week. 



Due to our event size, we are not able to permit pets.



Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the property.



Reference our flyers for a list of vendors participating!

We are no longer accepting Vendor Applications.  Please follow our Instagram and turn on notifications to receive information regarding the next event!